David Ortiz



David Ortiz joined the video game industry in 1996 and is an innovative executive with over two decades of global experience pioneering award-winning products in both the video game and real money gaming markets. David is currently CEO and Founder of SimWin Sports, a company focused on developing groundbreaking experiences at the intersection of fantasy sports, sports betting, and esports. While at EA Sports, David held a senior leadership role on the Madden NFL team and helped pioneer the Game Designer role for Microsoft, working on the NFL Fever franchise and helping launch the first ever title on the XBOX LIVE platform. David has also held director and senior executive roles at Sony and Warner Bros Games.
“Tech provides an opportunity for creativity and ideas to reach masses and influence everything from how we work to how we are entertained. Having people from all backgrounds develop the skills to contribute to these creations will improve and enhance their quality and relatability. A career in tech can provide a livable wage, but it can also provide opportunities to earn generational wealth.”

“I am committed to helping as many organizations as possible that want to make a real impact on diversity, equality, and inclusion. Reskill American’s unique and noble approach is refreshing, and I am sure it will be effective in changing the trajectory of many lives.”