Femi Akinde



Femi Akinde is a Principal Program Manager for Azure Global at Microsoft, where he is part of the team extending Azure’s footprint around the globe. Femi is a former tech entrepreneur and product leader with extensive experience mobilizing teams to launch best-in-class solutions. In recognition of one of these solutions, Femi was selected as a TED Fellow — a program that selects 25 innovators globally each year — and gave a TED talk about it in 2011.

“The events of 2020 amplified the inequity for black and brown people in our country on every level. I knew that I had to help address this socio-economic imbalance in some way. So, I created a workforce development solution to a tech industry problem. The problem? Tech companies are investing in diversifying their rapidly-growing workforce, but are hampered by small talent pools because existing intervention programs (coding boot camps) require prior coding knowledge or access to credit to pay for tuition. That means a majority of potential candidates can’t access software development training. The solution? Scale up tuition-free access to training for as many historically underrepresented racial minorities as possible and give tech companies multiple touch points to interact with them.
We want to live in a world where minority representation in the tech sector mirrors their percentage in the US population. We founded a software development reskilling nonprofit that enrolls thousands of underrepresented racial minorities and gives them an opportunity to start a tech career so we can live in that world.