Taryn Naidu



Taryn Naidu is chief operating officer of Rigetti, a leading full stack Quantum computing company.  Taryn started his career working as a software engineer across a number of ecommerce brands.  Early on in his career, he transitioned over to the business side where he has helped grow and scale businesses, including his last role as chief executive officer of Rightsidea leading provider of domain name services.  Over his 20year career, Taryn has helped build and scale products, created businesses from the ground up, and mentored people throughout their careers.  Taryn currently lives in KirklandWA. with his beautiful wife Oksana and their three children Michael, Emmet and Jack.  

“My passion for electronics began as a child, and since then, I’ve devoted my career to empowering technologists and entrepreneurs globally. Providing access to an education in technology can transform lives, and I joined the Advisory Board of Reskill Americans because I want to help give underrepresented minorities the opportunity to start exciting and fulfilling careers in technology. “

“I truly believe in Reskill American’s mission, and I am proud to join a team that is passionate about ensuring our participants’ – and the organization’s – success. Throughout my career, I’ve been blessed to have others not only provide me with an opportunity, but also invest in my growth.  I’m excited to play a small part in helping others write their own stories.”