Black And Latinx People Benefit From Free 7-Month Virtual Coding Class

  • Black And Latinx People Benefit From Free 7-Month Virtual Coding Class

    Reskill Americans is launching tuition-free online software development training for historically underrepresented minorities throughout the U.S. Unlike other coding programs, Reskill Americans is solving the problem of access by eliminating typical barriers to entry such as tuition cost, prior software development knowledge, or other educational requirements.

    The inaugural program begins March 15, 2021, and is accepting 1,000 participants who enroll by March 7, 2021. To get an opportunity to launch a career in tech, enroll at

    “We want to live in a world where the minority representation in the tech sector mirrors its representation in the U.S. population,” said Femi Akinde, Co-Founder of Reskill Americans. “To address this, we’ve created a software training model that scales up access to thousands of underrepresented racial minorities to help them build a career in this growth industry.”

    Training Provides Participants Required Skills for Software Development Jobs

    Participants can learn from anywhere, at any time, as long as they stay on track with weekly assignments. The program includes mentorship and provides participants the following:

    • Virtual internship experiences
    • Portfolio of work to show your future employers
    • Skills needed to apply for tech internships and jobs
    • Tailored instruction for relevant programming languages for all skill levels

    Reskill Americans enables scaled-up access to tuition-free training in the U.S. by customizing a proven, low-cost online training model. HNG Tech, the African online training and virtual internship platform, has enrolled 25,000 students across Africa into various software development specializations. HNG Tech has secured sponsorships from Google, Slack and GitHub and has partnered with Oracle and Figma.

    “My instructors were really good people who wanted to explain things to me,” said Ore Ogundipe, who completed HNG’s program and is now a software engineer for Azure at Microsoft. “I learned things from that period that I still apply every day in my job.”

    Reskill Americans is a diverse group of tech executives that each have more than 20 years of experience in the industry.

    “Unlike most open online courses, our participants will get lots of individualized support: they are assigned a mentor to guide them through the program and there’s a low student-to-instructor ratio,” said Mike Koss, Co-Founder and CTO. Mike was a founding developer for some of Microsoft’s most iconic programs in the 1980s, and focuses on curriculum and mentorship at Reskill Americans.

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    • Jackquealyne Hall

      I was introduced to Reskill by a Dear Freind.
      I look forward to learning some new skills which I can incorporate with my Current Business…
      Thank you

    • Blair Parham

      How do I view the meeting on zoom March 8th


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