Partner with us

Be a Part of the Solution:
Help us close the diversity gap in the tech industry

We are seeking partners in the tech industry that share our mission to help underrepresented minorities get access to training so they can build careers in technology.

  • Are you interested in increasing your employee engagement through mentorship opportunities for your employees?
  • Are you interested in shaping tomorrow’s talent?
  • Are you looking to recruit well-trained, diverse tech candidates?

We help companies address talent diversity gaps in their workplaces by introducing them to a large pool of diverse candidates who have enrolled in our rigorous, tuition-free software development program. Specifically, we are seeking partners that would be interested in three core elements of our program:

  • Engage with our students and share with them what a software development career looks like (ongoing)
  • Provide on-the-job assignments for them to complete (Phase II)
  • Offer a three-month virtual internship (Phase III)

If you’re interested in learning more, please contact:
Ashley Chapman, Director of Marketing and Communications,