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Learning Tracks

No prior experience is required for our seven-month course.

Choose a track below and receive project-based, hands-on learning and weekly mentorship.

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Full Stack Web Development

We will start from the basics of web development: HTML and CSS. And then move into JavaScript as used in the browser, and then on the server.

No prior experience is needed as we will begin with the basics and progress until you are able to develop complete web sites and applications on your own.

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UI/UX Design

Learn how to gather requirements from users, do customer research, and architect product solutions to solve end-user problems.

Get practical product design experience: learn Figma, the industry standard interface-design tool, to communicate your designs to stakeholders and developers.

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If you self-identify as a historically underrepresented minority, then our program is completely free for you. We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization funded by individual and corporate donors.

Enrolling is Easy

No credit check, entrance exam, or prior knowledge/experience required. If you self-identify as an underrepresented minority, all you need is a computer with a web browser, the ability to legally work in the U.S., and an accurate LinkedIn profile and photo.

(Don’t have a LinkedIn profile? Watch this video to get some topline tips)

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Anywhere, Anytime

Our course is entirely online. Once your session begins, you can participate on a flexible schedule, as long as you submit your assignments on time.

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