Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started

What do I need to be a part of the program?

You must self-identify as an underrepresented racial minority, be at least 18 years old, and have: a computer with internet access, a LinkedIn profile with a photo, and legal authorization to work in the U.S.

What does the program cost?

Our program is tuition-free to participants, with no financial obligation. Our program is funded by donors and a fee-for-placement model.

Who qualifies as an underrepresented racial minority in tech?

Reskill Americans' charter is to increase access to careers in tech for historically underrepresented minorities. We are primarily informed by studies on racial representation of minority groups working in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) fields as well as other published studies on diversity in the technology workforce.

We specifically accept those who self-identify as:

Is there an age limit?

We accept anyone who is at least 18 years old. There is no age limit.

Will there be materials or books that we need to purchase?

You don’t need to purchase any books or materials for this program. Curriculum and courses will be online and at no expense to you.

Do I need to have any basic knowledge of software development before I begin this course?

No, you do not need to have any prior knowledge of software development to enroll in our program. That being said, if you already know which track you want to work in, you can do more research on that track to get familiar with the terms.

Does this course allow you to participate while working full-time?

Yes, our program is structured for you to complete it on your own schedule as long as you complete your assignments on time. In our 2021 session, many participants took our program while juggling jobs or school; that being said, the program is very rigorous and demands a minimum of 15 hours per week focused on studying, completing assignments, and meeting with mentors and instructors. We will also provide weekly mentor and peer-group video conference calls to accommodate your schedule.

What happens if I quit midway?

We understand that software development can be overwhelming for a lot of people, especially beginners. We will do all we can to support you throughout the program. If you do decide to leave, you can re-enroll in the next session.

I’m not a very fast learner. Do you think I can become a technology expert in 7 months?

Whatever your level of knowledge is about the industry, our instructors and mentors will meet you at that level and work with you to address your questions. While it is not possible to become an expert in just seven months (expertise takes years of experience), we will give you everything you need to get started and the resources required to grow.

What if I don’t have a LinkedIn profile?

If you don’t have a LinkedIn profile, you will need to create one in order to enroll in our program. Your profile should include your photo, along with any professional background, skills or education you might have. Please note, it doesn’t matter what this is; once you start our program, we will work with you to help you enhance your profile as part of our job search support. For additional tips on how to build a good LinkedIn profile, please watch this video here .

Program Details

Can I skip the Intro Phase if I already have some tech experience?

It’s important for us that everyone begins with the Intro Phase, so you can get used to the weekly schedule we require. There is a significant time commitment and we want to ensure that those that begin Phase 1 are know what to expect and are acclimated to our schedule.

It says you must finish an assignment to move to the next phase: will there be a deadline to complete the final assignment in each Phase?

Yes, there will be deadlines for each phase that participants must meet to progress through the program.

Can I catch up if I miss a live class?

You will be able to watch the recording of any session that you miss, and you will have the option to meet with your instructor and/or mentors when you have questions and or need help.

Do we get a certificate at the end?

Participants who complete the program will receive a certificate of completion in their specific track.

Are classes at a set time and length, etc.?

There are no set classes; participants will work individually on assignments and then meet with the instructor and/or mentors at their convenience when they have questions and or need help.

What will be the teaching format?

Over seven months, you will learn the fundamental concepts of full-stack web development or UX/UI design through a range of formats: recorded and live video sessions, training modules, and online video conferences with your instructors and mentors (collectively requiring a minimum of 15 hours a week).

For individuals who work days, will live zoom meetings/classes be available as a recording?

There won’t be weekly classes. Participants will watch recorded video content and complete lessons individually and meet with their instructors when they need help.

At the end of the program, will there be an exam?

There are no final exams in this program. During the different phases of the program, however, you will be required to complete milestones (assignments) in order to continue to the next level. You will have a final project and present in a Demo Day that will demonstrate your knowledge of your new skills.

Is there a curriculum you can provide for the 7-month program?

We will offer a detailed curriculum before you begin the Intro Phase.

Is there a way to form study groups with other students?

Absolutely. We encourage teamwork and often see participants offering to mentor each other. Even if you’re not paired with someone, we still encourage participants to form a study group.

Can we finish the program earlier than 7 months?

No. In order to successfully complete the program you must successfully move through all phases. If you need more time, you can re-enroll in the next session.


What resources will be provided to make a decision about choosing a track?

The different tracks, their applications, and career trajectories will be introduced and explained in detail during the orientation week so that you have as much information as possible to make an informed decision.

What are the skills I will learn in the UX/UI Design track?

In the UX/UI Design track, you will learn the following skills: User and Market Research, Wire Framing, User Interface Design, High Fidelity Prototyping, and Usability Testing.

What are the programming languages I will learn in the Full Stack Web Development track?

After learning the basics of HTML and CSS, we will be focused on the JavaScript programming language. The tools and frameworks we use are Mongo database, Express, React, and Node.js (“MERN” stack) to complete a full web application.

Are there any software/hardware recommendations?

You can use any computer or laptop /desktop, Mac or Windows. A Windows or Macintosh laptop where you can install VS-Code will provide the best experience. In terms of RAM, we recommend at least 4GB.

All the software used will be free - either online or installed on your computer. It is possible to do every part of this program using all online resources, so you just need a computer with a web browser.

Support & Community

Can I get a 1-one-1 session with my instructor if I don’t understand a topic?

Yes, our instructors offer office hours and you will have the opportunity to meet with them individually, if needed.

What is your student-to-instructor ratio?

In the early phases of this program, you will be divided into larger groups to meet with our TAs and Mentors. You will still have the opportunity for 1:1 coaching and office-hours as needed. In the final phases of the course, we have less than 10:1 participant to instructor ratio.

How do we get exposure to the tech community during the training?

We host virtual Town Halls regularly throughout the program: tech experts participate in a Q&A (questions from both staff and participants) and share details about their career paths, typical day on the jobs, qualities they seek when recruiting, and general career advice. We also host Job Fairs with recruiters who discuss current open roles or internships and how you can apply.

In 2021, we hosted over 20 professionals from a range of companies, including: a developer advocate at Google, a software architect at Microsoft, software leaders at Sonos, a data scientist at Fred Hutchinson, a director of innovation at Bright Machines, an internship recruiter at Amazon, as well as startup entrepreneurs and UX/UI designers. To learn more, check out our YouTube channel or our Partner page.

What sort of job search support does the program provide?

Throughout the program, we offer assistance with job preparedness and help you market yourself for a new career. We provide training on how to write a compelling resume and LinkedIn profile and opportunities for tech professionals to review them, and we help you promote your work on GitHub. You will also receive interview training and mock interviews from tech professionals.

We are committed to helping you get on a path to a tech career: when you complete the program, the professional training will end, but our job search support and resources will continue.

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