Data Structures and Algorithms "Crash Course"

The Self Assessment survey for Phase III asked about some Computer Science related terms. Many of you have stated that you are not very familiar with them. Yet, many technical interviewers may ask you about these things. So, here is a crash course so you will at least be able to speak to each of the topics mentioned in the survey.

You can jump directly to individual sections that might interest you:

0:00:00 Intro 0:02:20 Memory Management, Garbage Collection 0:14:09 The (Call) Stack 0:19:00 Recursion 0:28:30 Exception Handling 0:31:35 Asynchronous Programming and Promises 0:36:14 Performance Concerns 0:40:07 Algorithms Section 0:40:45 Big-O Notation 0:47:50 Binary Search 0:50:00 Sorting Section 0:58:33 Data Structures Section 0:59:58 Linked Lists (coding sample) 1:18:44 Array vs Linked List vs Binary Tree 1:25:17 Hash Tables 1:35:20 B-Trees 1:39:47 Immutable Data Structures 1:45:24 Survey Question Review