Interview with Ore | Full Version

Ore and I discuss learning to program and the benefits of the Reskill Americans internship, along with other career advice.

(Cuts from this video were published on our website).

0:00​ Intro 0:35​ How did you learn to program? 2:05​ Listing of Reskill Americans tracks. 3:48​ Why Software Development IS a people-centered job. 5:15​ Why hands-on learning is the best way to learn this. 5:45​ Anybody can learn to code. 6:30​ Congratulations on beginning your software development journey! 6:53​ Many people in tech with non-conventional backgrounds. 7:25​ Ore’s internship highlights. 8:35​ Be ready to learn and take the next step. 9:30​ Wrap up - please sign up!