Resume Training Session with Career Coach and LinkedIn Strategist Teddy Burriss

To help participants hone their resumes in preparation for the job search, Teddy Burriss hosted a Town Hall to share tips, best practices, and a few tricks for crafting the best resume when seeking a job in tech or in a career transition.

“It is okay to show growth (on your resume) because when a recruiter or HR person sees growth towards where they need you to be, that’s powerful,” said Teddy. “They’ll say, this person has a willingness to grow and continue learning.”

Beyond Teddy’s LinkedIn business, he is a Certified Career Coach, Certified Social Media Strategist, DDI leadership facilitator, Dale Carnegie graduate coach, Sandlers Sales Trained Professional, YouTuber, columnist, keynote speaker and author who teaches creating success in business and career through building relationships and Using LinkedIn as a Business Tool.

You can view his slides at: