Microsoft Software Architect David Fowler Offers Interview Training in Town Hall

At our Town Hall on September 14th, David Fowler, Software Architect at Microsoft, shared insights and advice about how to prepare for a technical interview. David started his career at Microsoft as an intern, and has over 13 years of experience working on developer frameworks and tools. He is also on the advisory board for Reskill Americans. In his current role, David’s responsibilities include working on .NET and the Azure SignalR service, a scalable service for running web, mobile and IoT applications in the cloud.

In our Town Hall, David shared details about what happens in a technical Interview (both phone screen and full Interview), what he looks for in a good technical candidate, what kind of technical questions to expect, and a sample (no- technical) interview question.

“I personally look to see if the person has done anything that they’re passionate about: have you done anything on the side that has taught you some skill that you wouldn’t have otherwise learned if you hadn’t done the project?” David said. “I like when people explain their projects with passion because it helps me understand that they care about it in the first place.”