Reskill Americans Hosts Jeremiah Peoples for 2nd Town Hall, Monday, March 15th

On Monday, March 15th, we officially launched our software development training program: a week-long orientation where participants were introduced to the details of each track (Front-End, Back-end, Mobile, and User Experience & Design).

We kicked off the week with our second Town Hall which featured tech YouTuber, Jeremiah Peoples, as our guest speaker. CTO Mike Koss interviewed Jeremiah about his journey to becoming a software engineer and asked his advice for people just getting started.

“I started my YouTube channel because representation definitely matters,” he said. “I didn’t know that you could be a software developer without going to college.” Peoples added that he thought the same thing about being a Black man in tech. “A lot of people out there didn’t know that Black men could get into tech just by learning the skills, so I hope to be that point of representation for people.”