Reskill Americans Hosts Deborah Russell from Workforce Investment Council for 7th Town Hall

On Monday, April 19th as participants started their sixth week of course instruction, we hosted our seventh Town Hall with guest speaker Deborah Russell, from the Workforce Investment Council, a national governmental organization that provides people with job resources to help them enter the workforce.

Deborah is the Associate Director of Performance and Impact at the WIC in D.C. and has 20 years of experience helping Americans fulfill their employment and career goals. She said that American Job Centers (formerly known as unemployment offices) are available in every state, and sometimes in every borough. They offer everything from resume writing and interview skills to tips on how to dress for success. They also provide access to a workforce specialist that will focus on your career goals and will connect you to community resources should you need help with childcare, transportation, or clothing. She suggests that you call your local center and ask for affiliate centers, or Google American Job Centers and it will take you a website where you can type in your state and find the American Job Center in your area.

“I always tell people that we are the best kept secret, but that we shouldn’t be, because we provide a public opportunity and benefit for anybody who lives in the U.S.”

When asked what advice to give people looking for a job, Deborah said: “The most important thing is stay up-to-date and informed. Knowing what’s available out there and being able to ask for it is what’s most important. Take advantage of those opportunities – we’re here to serve our customers who are looking for employment, so come see us.”